Consultations & Projects

Innergized Consultations

Walls really do talk! Most communication is nonverbal. We offer a variety of ways to help you turn your everyday spaces into uplifting resources that work for you on many levels. We help you through the potential overwhelm of decisions that come with a new home. Or will help you move on, move in, or move up without changing your address.


An Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is a good way to begin any design project. This may be all that you need or want. Before the site visit and make the most of our time together, it is recommended that we talk to clarify tour particular needs and challenges, an initial consultation a great way to address those pesky design dilemmas or to identify options and set priorities for your larger projects.

Color Consultations

Color consultations may be for a whole site, or a specific room/areas. Color changes are fun, fast and powerful, affecting us on all levels. Color selection is affected by so many factors it can be tricky to achieve your desired outcomes. Whether you are building, redesigning or redecorating, we can help you with a color consultation.

Comprehensive Consultations

Plan on approximately 2 hours for the onsite interview and site evaluation. We identify your unique needs and explore the choices and resources to best meet those needs. A comprehensive consultation includes a written report with prioritized recommendations. A follow up visit provides opportunity to discuss the recommendations and have any questions addressed.

If more assistance is needed, you may be interested in rolling your consultation into one of these options.

Retainer Package

Clients who prefer to take a very active role in the process often opt for retaining a number of designer assistance at a reduced “existing client” hourly fee. You decide how much or how little of the extra professional direction you need or want as challenges and choices surface.


Projects can address as much or as little as you wish, with written agreement on scope, timeframe and budget. Three popular specialty projects are:

  1. Room To Grow – for families with children.
  2. Greener Pastures – for those who want to move on without actually changing their address.
  3. Healing Spaces – designed for those recovering from or with chronic health challenges.

I have limited availability for other projects including commercial. I would love to talk with you about your specific needs. Call for more information and availability in your area.

Because projects are time intensive, project availability is limited. Please contact Deborah Rae to schedule or for more information.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for both Specialty Consultations & Packages…A thoughtful gift for a special occasion or a special someone in your life.

Sharing the “why” behind the recommendations is part of every service. Check Deborah Rae’s calendar to learn more about upcoming workshops. Please call if you are interested in setting up a class near you, for your business or for a specific topic.


4 Reasons to Work with a Holistic Design Consultant

  1. Advice and research in any interior design area is plentiful, often free. The challenge is that the information is generalized, not personalized for you and your unique situations. Generalizations can be confusing, conflicting, or even include recommendations unnecessary for your specific needs. Designing with a holistic design consultant is all about providing you the right solutions for your specific needs and goals, saving you time, energy, dollars, and, I am told, sometimes relationships!
  2. In this time of information bombardment and hectic pace of living, few of us have time to stay current on how our indoor spaces both reflect AND affect us. A Holistic Interior Designer can provide you with up-to-date options, solutions and resources for you and your family’s specific needs.
  3. Many of us who want and actively pursue a healthy lifestyle overlook our daily environments. Americans now spend about 90% of our time indoors. A consultation is a great start to turning your indoor spaces into uplifting health supporting resources that work for you on many levels.
  4. We are often too close to our challenges to recognize the easiest solution. Professional perspective can give you a variety of options – sometimes “aha!” moments that you wonder why you hadn’t yet considered.