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Travel fee may apply. Our primary service area is Denver Metro and Northern Colorado. We are pleased that a high percentage of our clients are repeat clients and their referrals.

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Holistic design is an investment in a healthy, productive lifestyle. Image less daily efforting, less stress & more time, energy and budget for what you really want in life. Can you and your family afford to be without the quality of life made possible through holistic design? Learn more about just some ways that living without healthy, productive, uplifting home and work spaces will cost you and your family.


Seminars and Workshops

Check Deborah Rae’s calendar for seminar and workshop costs.

  • Introductory Consultation: Up to 2 hours on-site. Prior phone discussion and/or emailed photos is encouraged to make the most of the time together. A great place to start for specific challenges, these consultations can also be applied toward a project if desired. $180. Contact Deborah Rae to schedule or for client referral rates.
  • Comprehensive Holistic Consultation: Estimates provided upon request, starting at $500. Comprehensive consultations include onsite evaluation, written report, and follow up visit.

What Does it Cost You and Your family to NOT to have Holistic Design?


The Center for Disease Control estimates that 85% of disease today is related to stress. In one study, almost 90% of women who made adjustments in the rooms where they spent the most time reported reduced levels of life stress. Another study revealed that the average American child has higher levels of anxiety today than the average child under psychiatrists’ care in the 1950s.

Educators have long known that environmental overstimulation and “mismatches” are sources of lack of focus, learning difficulties, heightened stress and many behavioral problems of children. Such reactions are not limited to the classroom (or to our children!). Lower stress at home and you can lower stress levels beyond your doors, too.

Time and Energy

A recent report in the Wall Street Journal reported that the average U.S. executive wastes six weeks per year searching for information in their files and desks. That equals one hour a day for an average executive – someone already successful in life and career with the support staff many of us do not enjoy at work or at home. An American Demographics Society study indicated that American waste nine million hours a day searching for misplaced items – time and energy not available for more productive & enjoyable activities.

Physical Health

Research data continues to verify that people who live with indoor allergens; poor lighting and poor sound management; electromagnetic “smog”; lack of connections to nature and our immediate surroundings and general disorganization are more likely to experience a wide range of health problems including: headaches, asthma and other respiratory problems, sleeping problems; allergies; fatigue; nervous system disorders; eye, nose and throat irritations; low energy & low motivation.

It is estimated that half of us diet at some point every year. And yet we keep the same lifestyles, the same daily routines. We keep on gaining while spending billions each year on diet and exercise books and programs.


Our environments are essential to health and overall well being… supportive and uplifting or an ongoing source of irritation.”

– Michael Blate, Natural Healers Guide

What does it cost you and your family to NOT have home and work spaces that support you?

  • Time for what you Enjoy
  • Peace of Mind
  • Great Relationships
  • Creativity
  • Productivity, Efficiency & Enhanced Bottom Line
  • Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial Well Being

What would life be like for YOU and your family with less daily effort, less stress, and fewer trips to the doctor? With would you do with the reclaimed time, money and energy?

Long Term Value in Holistic, Healthy, and Productive Spaces

Holistic Interior Design is really a life skill. We can (re)learn the principles for designing the life you want into your spaces and apply them at every stage of our life. The return on your investment is both immediate and cumulative. There is real long term value in holistic, healthy, and productive spaces!

Green Interior Design Benefits for Your Retail Business

The trend toward holistic interior design approach is being driven by bottom line results from commercial sectors. Green and sustainable design focus on improving indoor air quality and reducing the impact that materials and furnishings purchased have on the environment. Good things. By putting the focus on the people who use your retail space, you go beyond green and create attractive and compelling spaces where your customers want to be.

  • What are the green interior design benefits for your retail business?
  • have the best use of limited space
  • lower staff absences and turnover
  • increase the number of people who shop with you by enhancing their retail experience, and turning more shoppers into buyers

Innergized Designs helps you systematically tap into the environmental aspects that big business has effectively used for decades; from increased productivity to a higher level of client and employee satisfaction and more!

Sustainable Interior Design for a Healthy Home

Want more time in your hectic day? The bedroom and restful sleep of your dreams? A powerhouse home office where you can be productive and creative? Family spaces that support your children’s health and growth in every sense? You need sustainable interior design for a healthy home!

Holistic Interior Design combines several approaches to design for truly uplifting, high functioning and beautiful homes. Green eco-friendly and sustainable design principles are included for reducing indoor toxins and incorporating materials and furnishings that are better for our larger home, Earth. Going green can save you some upfront green, too, as we start with what is already working for you and repurpose and reuse whenever possible.

In our inclusive systematic approach, the focus is always on you and your family’s goals and wellbeing. Choose a consultation or training workshop that is right for you. Then relax and enjoy the process as well as the outcomes.