Holistic Design Tips

You Can Set the Stage for Better Living

Real-estate and staging-to-sell professionals consistently list theses as top tips for the best sale:

  • Declutter
  • Have a clear purpose for every room/area
  • Don’t block the flow
  • Lighten up your spaces

De-Clutter and Organization

When you sell a house every square foot needs to flow together and work for you or you can subtract it from the bottom-line. In day-to-day living, the same principles work. We sometimes allow our belongings to push us out of homes and garages then spend more money to store them. “Clutter” is very personal. Some of us need a minimalist space; others want more fullness to be comfortable. Nature is rich with complexity and a variety of sensory input. A key to clutter control is to honor what is important to and for our well-being so we own our things and they do not own us.

In our concern for order and cleanliness, we sometimes create sterile feeling bathrooms and kitchens. A bit of color, texture, and something living add human comfort to every room.

Lighten Up

Maximize the natural light and include at least three light sources to lighten up a room. Layers (different heights) are also helpful. To avoid glare from bulbs, lamps should be positioned so the bottom edge of the lampshade is at or just below ear/cheek level.

Play it Safe with Color

Color is a power element in any room. The only way to play it safe with color is to have a good idea of the kind of results you want in a room. For example, did you realize that red speeds up heart rate, encourages social interaction, and aids in digestion? No wonder it is a traditional favorite for dining rooms and restaurants!