Holistic Design FAQ

I need child friendly spaces. What can you do for my family?

All young people have special needs that vary with their ages and their learning styles. You might be interested in our “Room To Grow” specialty package. We have long known that environmental overstimulation or other mismatches are likely sources of heightened stress, behavioral and learning problems. Good for helping any young person get a great start in life, this package is especially helpful for children presently experiencing health or learning challenges and for blended families.

I just can’t justify spending time, money and energy on interior design right now.

Maybe this is not right for you at this time. I work with people who are serious about achieving results in immediate and long term quality of life. Establishing your priorities is important in my work with you. For those wanting to learn the principles so that can do more of the work themselves, classes or a consultation may be right for you.

Is this feng shui?

Feng shui does consider the well being of the occupants and many feng shui concepts have been validated in the research. Feng shui is tied to Chinese culture and philosophy and there are actually many branches with sometimes conflicting advice. Many other cultures also have similar systems to guide us in living in harmony with our environments. Our approach incorporates some principles of feng shui concepts and other cultures’ wisdoms as well.

How long will this take?

How much time you invest is really up to you and what you want to accomplish. An initial consultation with or without a report with prioritized recommendations may be all that you need or want to address those pesky design dilemmas. Deeper transformative results require more time. Transformative packages include:

  1. Welcome Home – make your house your home whether it’s a new build or just has never felt like home.
  2. Healing Home – great for those with health challenges
  3. Room To Grow – family and children focused
  4. Greener Pastures – for those wanting to move on or move up without changing your address

How can you help my business?

Please call to discuss options for your storefront business needs, but an initial consultation is always great way to start any design project.

Outcomes such as increased productivity and enhanced employee and customer satisfaction are driving the new emphasis on holistic design. I would love to talk with you about how we might work together to accomplish your particular goals.

Designing Space With a Holistic Consultant is All About You

An initial consultation helps you focus on your personal goals and the available options.
Every goal has a best environment that supports it – internally and externally. We help you reach your goals by tapping into the environmental cues, clues and triggers around you on a daily basis.

An initial consultation is always a great way to begin any design project. Sometimes that first consultation is all you need. Plan on approximately 2 hours for the initial interview and site evaluation to identify your unique needs and begin exploring the choices and resources to best meet those needs. If requested, the consultation will include written report with prioritized recommendations. A follow up visit give you opportunity to review recommendations and have any questions clarified.

We can help you move on, move in or move up without changing your address.


Innergized Designs offers these specialty packages:

  1. Room to Grow – for families with children.
  2. Greener Pastures – for those wanting to move on or move up without changing your address.
  3. Healing Spaces – designed for those recovering from or with ongoing health challenges.
  4. Business – customized projects vary greatly. I would love to talk with you about your specific needs. Please call for more information and availability in your area.