Holistic Process and Principles

Holistic Interior Design is Lifestyle, not Furniture Style

Holistic Interior Design recognizes our basic human responses to the world around us to help you reach your design goals. Together we create home and work spaces that are

  • Beautiful
  • Functional
  • Healthy
  • Eco-friendly
  • Distinctively you

Let Nature Inspire You

Holistic interior design is a sensory celebration. It is only natural. What brings you comfort and pleasure?

For eons, we have used natural materials; color; line shape; and abstract symbols to tell our personal stories. Common nonverbal threads of meaning are found across time and cultures. Other nonverbal cues and triggers are shaped by our personal and cultural histories. Our design choices not only tell our stories, they help us write those stories.


Some Photo Examples



The minimalist trend is an antidote to sensory bombardment and the hectic pace of our lives. Texture, views of nature, and natural materials keep spaces from being cold and uninviting; some people need more than others.



With 5 doorways, this space was more intersection than a room. Before, pale green walls (left) did not create a feeling that was light and airy. We went for cozy/intimate and a bit of bling to create an inviting destination to relax alone or share with a friend. Use color to trigger an experience.



Neutral colors in a variety of textures and a variety of lighting sources create a sense of dimension while updating this 90’s country kitchen. Complexity and texture are part of nature; uniformity is not. The cabinets are transformed with paint and glaze.

Enhance Concentration


This creative teacher won a classroom makeover. We replaced white walls with warm beige and a soft gray blue which research indicates calms and enhances concentration. Color triggers physical as well as mental and emotional reactions.



More space was needed to host family get-togethers. The family dog and grandkids play happily here among family heirlooms. Eco-friendly. Low maintenance. Rich with personal meaning.

More of the Right Things


Sometimes small rooms just need more of the right things. After: Shelving to display art from their travels is wrapped around a slim profile fireplace for a new focal point. Not for the minimalist, but a warm neutral palette keeps it serene.


Color is a great way to personalize spaces as our children grow and their needs change. Some children need bright spaces and high contrast while others will become quickly overstimulated. For those with respiratory problems, keep textiles to a minimum. Even the curtains in this play space are paint!