Innergized Designs’ Philosophy

Holistic Approach for your Home and Small Business

With our holistic approach to design, we help you identify the most appropriate choices for your small business and homes to create spaces that truly support you on every level. It is our mission to help you experience greater wellbeing and reach personal and business goals more quickly.

Holistic Interior Design Consultation in Colorado Since 2009

We offer award winning design services and education with a holistic approach for home, office and small business. Deborah Rae has been providing holistic interior design consultations in Colorado since 2009. She is located in Longmont, Colorado and teaches workshops in the surrounding area.


We bring enhanced well-being and productivity through transformative holistic interior design choices in the home, office, and small business.


By uplifting individuals, individual families, and individual businesses with healthier, more productive experiences within home and work spaces, the positive effects ripple out into our communities, uplifting us all.


  • We believe when we work together we can achieve more than when we work alone.
  • We value honesty and integrity, providing quality service at a fair price.
  • We believe there is enough business for everyone. If we cannot serve you best, we will recommend someone who can serve you better.
  • We believe that small business should have the same opportunities as big business.
  • We value personal connection, community and our shared home, Earth.

Deborah Rae, Creative force behind Innergized Designs & Holistic Interior Design Expert

Deborah’s holistic approach blends classic design principles with the latest research. Her “missions accomplished” include a variety of business and residential settings for clients in all stages of life and career from the Virgin Islands to California.

In graduate school I learned about environmental psychology – how environmental elements affect and influence us – and was fascinated, especially by color. But I stuck with my first love, facilitating growth and change in a variety of public programs. Then, in the 90s I was housebound by a major illness. I was miserable. Desperate for ways to at least help me cope better, I began to seriously study what I was introduced to in college: how indoor spaces affect us. Sharing that has been my passion for 20 years. Today I look forward to helping you enhance your life, too, by focusing on what is around you in new ways.

~Wishing You Life’s Best, Deborah Rae