Holistic Interior Design News

The next big movement in human well being.

~ Deepak Chopra

A 2016 SmartMarket Industry Report states that growing awareness of the benefits of healthier buildings is already changing the construction and interior design industries. A trend toward healthier, high functioning interior spaces is a lifestyle trend not a trend about a particular look or the latest in furnishings. Bottom line results are the driving factors are toward incorporating design features that have positive impact our physical, social and mental health, and productivity.

The trend toward healthier, high functioning interior spaces is a recent sensation many decades in the making. Healthy, high functioning spaces with focus on the occupants’ wellbeing (aka holistic interior design) has a wealth of research data to support it. This transformative trend has been compared to what eco friendly design and sustainable interior design were a couple of decades ago. Environmental concerns and aesthetics are still important within this new focus on the well being of the people who use the designed spaces.

High profile companies and institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and the American Society of Interior Design (ASID), have dedicated their support. In a video released by the international corporation Delos, Deepak Chopra calls this trend “the next big movement in human well-being.”

Holistic Interior Design is a Life Skill that can be Learned

Deborah Rae with Innergized Designs talks with Thornton, CO STEM Launch 7th Grade students about ratio, proportion and ergonomics in her interior design consultations and projects.

Much of Deborah Rae’s work is focused on teaching holistic principles and process to her clients so they incorporate their learning into any space they spend time in. Innergized Design workshops are practical and hands-on and emphasise that holistic interior design is a life skill that can be learned!